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Born in 1973 in Shabestar, Iran
Graduated with a master’s degree in IT
Holds a PhD in IT

At first, as the CEO and founder of Rostad Towel, after many experiences, I established Lotus Tejarat Tabriz Company. Utilizing the potential of the youth and the latest technologies in the world, I introduced Shine products in Iran as a prominent brand in the production of granite sinks, and so far I have been able to offer this product in the best quality for customers. I participated in courses dedicated to my field and acquired specialties such as Business srategies emerging markets & Strategic sales management & Production engineering & oder

I even managed to get quality management and environmental ISO.



Courses I have managed to pass

Job skills

Job skills

Part of job skills

I will tell you briefly about the courses I have taken and the degrees I have obtained

business strategies for emerging markets – manufacturing production and operations – marketing management – production engineering – production management for industry – strategic sales management


Master of IT

PhD in Business, DBA


During a specialized course in digital marketing from

google digital garage iab



It is never too late to learn

Knowledge of language is one of the most important ways of learning, so both spoken language and modern computer language should be known
English proficiency 75%
Turkish proficiency 90%
Azeri proficiency 100%
Arabic proficiency 30%
ICDL 90%
Imports and exports 99%

Teach the first principle of progress

We must always be in the teaching and learning of modern science so that we can adapt to the changes around us, and on this basis I am always eager to learn.

My Business

My Business

Production of granite sinks

Lotus Tejarat Tabriz Company has been producing granite sinks since 2015 under the Shine brand. Shine due to its unique technology, Germany, which will meet the needs of your modern kitchens by offering two products, granite sink and granite toilet in unique models and colors.

“Lotus Tejarat Tabriz Company ”

rastad granit

“DigiShine store site ”


Contact Me

Contact Me

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Get in touch with me any way you want. I’ll be happy to correspond with you.

email to : digishine.ir@gmail.com

Whatsapp : 0098 9146158842

factory : 0098 4134317188

actory address : No. 456, Khayyam Alley, Hafez St., Imam Reza St., Bagh Maroof Town, Next to Petrochemical, Tabriz – Iran

Postal Code: 5363174445


instagram : shine.sink

twitter : RastadDr